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2015 Massimo MSU 800 help

Don W

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Has been basically bullet proof 7 yrs.  Now won't start. Turns over fine. Pulled and changed plug...was dry, seems to have no fire. Also no fuel. I also do not hear the fuel pump come up to pressure when I turn key to on position.  Unfortunatley lost manual. On line manual says fuses are beside the battery under the hood. This MSU does not have a hood and the battery is under the drivers seat/....no fuses. Can someone PLEASE tell me where the fuse box may be?


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  • Alex changed the title to 2015 Massimo MSU 800 help
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2 hours ago, Joe Breaux said:

if you dont hear the pump pressure up, thats likely the problem.. after 7 years.. 

For sure!! That and the fact there's no fire to the plug. This is whyIneeded the manual in order to find the fuse box. I know the pump isn't running but need to find out why....

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Buddy , unfortunately, we both made the same mistake.  we bought a Massimo .. no one warned me, I dont know if you were warned , but if you ever visited this forum , it would be hard to miss the massive dissatisfaction . ALL of us have had problems with the machines and pathetic service and non-existent warranty from Massimo.. I ll be happy to go look at mine and see if theres any fuse anywhere on it and let you know. 

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Sorry you don't like yours, like I said 7 yrs mine has been bullet proof. I've used it hard, really haven't done the maintenance I should of. Like ALL atv the brakes are only half what they should be at best. I lost my manual (can't blame Hisun for that) Simply having trouble finding fuse box which I believe I now know where it is via you tube. I can buy any part thru scaotosports online. Hisun make several makes af ATV. If ever I buy another thats what it will be. Several thousand less than the big boy models and better equipped, I.E. standard with roof, full windshield and winch. Most makes all that is optional....another couple grand. Can't say anything about warranty, I've never had ANYTHING break that would be covered by anyones warranty.

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Found the fuse box, thanks, no blown fuse. Connections appear good, but that wouldn’t explain no spark anyhow.  There are five fuses three spare fuses and five mini relays that are unrepairable wish I knew how to test them anyhow there are other things to test thank you

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O'k since last post I let it set, went on a vacation, got busy with other things.  I tried everyones suggestions..no luck. Also it DOES have a fuse/relay box under the drivers seat. You remove the seat AND the bolt down panel under the seat and the box (its small) is bolted to the frame. It's maybe 4" x 2.5" and 3-4 inch thick max! Front and back is screwed down for moisture protection. No fuses blown. there are 5 little relays soldered in. 

Tested the connector at pump, there are 12volts to the pump with switch on and something like 4-5 volts in the 4 pole connector to the fuel gauge (it works). There is no ground to the pump. Pump is supposed to cycle 2-3 seconds when you turn key on...I traced the ground wire over the engine, opening the harness all the way to the fuse/relay panel thru 2-3 plug connectors with the wire changing colors 3 times!! There are no branches in the wire. I have continuity all the way from the fuel pump to a relay in the box. Removed fuel pump and it runs on the bench. Re-installed pump, attached jumper wire from ground to frame and it runs. So ground IS the problem but why??  Also still no spark to EITHER plug.

Replaced the fuse/relay box with new...still no fuel ground or spark. Oh, new battery as old one was bad. Thinking new ECU? Its a DOLPHI MT05, used on over 50 UTV/moptorcycles........FINALLY a question. As this ECU is used on many different makes/models does it have to be programed/flashed for my specific machine? If so any suggestions would be appreciated.


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      I installed an electric coolant temp gauge and volt gauge today. The oil pressure gauge I ordered had a bad sending unit. So once the replacement arrives. I'll add that install to the post. The I used a 22mm temp radiator adapter.

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      And an electric temp gauge.

      Had to take a drill and drill bit to enlarge the 1/8 NTP adapter to allow the temp sending unit to pass thru. Another user on the forum enlarged the 1/8 NTP hole in the 22mm radiator to 1/4 NTP and used a 1/4 NTP x 1/8 NTP reducer. Either way would work. Both has it challenges. And both accomplished the same thing. To get the sending unit just barely in the coolant. If you just put the sending unit in. IMO it just blocks too much of the coolant flow.
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      The voltage gauge
      Was simple to install. Just a positive and negative wire to connect.  Tapped into the 12V power outlet on the dash.
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