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How HOT? What do you mean you can hear it? Bubbles moving in the coolant or air exiting thu the head gasket? Have you taken/check with your dealer? Is your coolant level dropping requiring to be topped off? Any moisture coming from the exhaust? Did you get the engine really hot? This is the same engine as in the Trooper and this is not normal, IMHO. No other persons have report this problem. If you haven't taken it back to your dealer, do so quickly. I would guess a blown head gasket. Run a compression test & a pressure test on the cooling system!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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The head gasket is fine.

I pulled out the thermostat

If I am on it hard for a few miles the red overtemp light comes on and the gauge needle is all the way to the right.

It will cool down pretty quick if I stop and keep the engine running

It never overflows in to the expansion tank

16psi cap

If I pull up the red tab on the cap it will flow in to the expansion tank and I can see air bubbles

I can hear air coming through the hose going to the radiator from the head.

the coolant level does go down slightly when the air comes out.

I figure all of the air will work its way out sooner or later but I was wondering if there is a quicker way.

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Go for a small run or medium rev the engine for 30 seconds to warm the engine up a bit and then take the radiator cap off. Leave it to idle and heat up more so the thermostat opens up. If the coolant level drops your in business just keep on topping up at the radiator not the overflow bottle. When the level stops dropping put the cap on and go for a decent blast for say 10 minutes or so turn off & leave to cool then check again and top up if needed. If the coolant level fails to drop at all back at stage one then this is not going to work. I've only done this before on a car as per my mechanics advice & it worked fine. Good luck.

Cheers Mike.

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Jack up the rear of your machine as high as you can. This will place your radiator at the highest point. Do what the others have suggested, may help! I had to do this with one of my past race cars to get all the air out. I would still let the dealer know about your problem. You could also call Joyner in AZ.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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