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Clutch again!


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Talked to my dealer today, Tyler at Epic Motorsports in Saint George, UT, and he wants to come. He will be bringing a supercharged Trooper with nitrous oxde. He said he will try to get it tuned in in time. This guy goes way extreme in everything he does. His rock crawling jeep has a cat engine. He says that it has so much torque that he struggled to find a dirve line that would hold it. You'll like him, he is a fun guy. Said he might birng his promotional trailer and do a big banner. This is turning out to have a lot of people between all the guys, wives and those with kids and a few dogs. Would someone like to volenteer to contact the magazines. I'll bet they will want some pics and stories.


Hello Lenny. Your dealer sounds like a sharp hot rod kind of guy. Can you ask him if he has concerns about the clutch with the added power? If he does, what are his plans? What or who makes the current replacement clutch besides Joyner? I know I am beating this to death but this is a future weak link.


rocmoc n AZ/Mexico/Texas

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Guest Lenny

I'm not so sure that the clutch in his app. will be as much of an issue as it is for our big tires. I don't think he is planning to rip through the gears but once in a gear he can really go. In the dunes for example. I did ask him if he thought the engine and drivetrain would take the power, he said "I don't know". He is not shy to tackle any kind of modification job. If he blows a rearend, he'll just put a subaru dif in it. If he blows the clutch he will retrofit something else on it. He sort of doesn't worry about it until it happens then he comes up with a plan. He is always doing something over the top. I think you will like him.


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I had to go down a very long steep rock crawler trail a couple weekends ago. By the end of the trail (I actually don't think it was a trail at all in retrospect) my clutch was making a lot of stink and it was slipping quite a bit. I see the clutch as a weak link and would love to upgrade. Has anyone successfully done this yet?

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