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  1. Hi my hisun 700 will not turn over seems dead. If you look buy your battery there should be a30amp fuse try moving it around check wires going to it. Fixes mine every time. When this fuse shorts out loses connection your dash will not start working. Mine is a 2009 700 . Not sure what year you have or if has been changed on newer models.
  2. Hi everyone just picked up a new UForce 1000 . Seems like a nice machine really fast. top speed 70 mph. My hisun is getting old hope to have as good luck with this one. Went with CFMoto they have put together a decent dealer network . How many members or guest have a CFMOTO? Ride safe Codyjo
  3. Anyone have a BMS or have any experience with the UTV is it any good? thanks Codyjo
  4. codyjo


  5. Hey I have heard of them. Coal creek is nice very large riding area and if you like rocks there easy to find. Nice camp ground. Fishers atv had the park on the show this week.
  6. Hey got the first one in 2008 800 sand viper 1500 miles on that.Sold that needed 4x4 had the 2009 trooper now has around 1000 miles on it. Use it at coal creek tn. Lots of rock trails and gravel roads. Once you work Thru the fixes good machine. Always get lots of looks Codyjo
  7. Hey all been off the board for a while. Take and drill a hole thru the spline and shaft and pin it with dowel or roll pin. Fixed mine Codtjo
  8. HEY ALL Is the end of OCT. Still on
  9. HI All Oct. 28-29 should work for me. I would not like to go into Nov. if we can help it. Never know what the weather will be like.
  10. When does everyone have time? I am open most weekend Sat. being the best day for me.
  11. Hey Windrock works for me. Great place to ride 250 miles of trails. Just there last weekend. Barely got off the dirt roads. What weekend works for all? Codyjo
  12. HI All Thanks To all that helped get my diff up graded. Had to make a spher washer mine was missing one also. I seen another post where the washer was .037 mine was .025 so Joyner must have a lot of sizes. Took the Trooper to Coal Creek in TN for the first away from home ride ran great. Lots of power it was a lot dusty no mud waiting to try agian after a little rain. Next will have to do the front diff. Thanks Codyjo
  13. Thack Rocmoc That would be great if you do let me know what you would want for it. It is the one with the large end.
  14. HI ALL Started to upgrade the rear diff & when I opened it up I have broken pin that holds the Spider gears in. Does anyone have one that they would want to sell? It would be the one with the big end and groove for the screw. Thanks Jeff

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