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  1. new guy

    Not a problem!
  2. new guy

    May be this could help;
  3. Joyner mini sand viper

    Also make sure you rad fan is working properly. It may be working, but doesn't produce the necessary speed to cool the engine. We had a very similar issue recently and it turned out it was a weak rad fan, so I bought 1 from 4 wheel online and problem solved.
  4. Can-am/Ski-doo

    Are you part of the organization or just plugging your good experience with them?
  5. Joyner mini sand viper

    It could be the thermoswitch that is faulty.
  6. new guy

    What wiring diagram are you looking for?
  7. New guy and need guidance

    Can tell us what have you done before the problem occurred?
  8. new guy

    Surely is.... So what do you ride by the way?
  9. Noob

    Welcome to the forum... So where are you from?
  10. 2009 Polaris ranger XP 700 EFI problem

    May be its overheating.
  11. Joyner Chery Motors of Hong Kong

    Hey noting against with the company, just curious to know.
  12. Joyner Chery Motors of Hong Kong

    Is this the same company that makes automotive?
  13. New member fron New Mexico....

    Nice 4 wheeler tires and rims, I believe it has a similar design with Itp wheels. Welcome by the way.
  14. New member from Panama Central America

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I bet your SXS is surely your daily work horse in your area.
  15. Rzr 570

    My cousin has one. He said its A ok, but quite under power. Maintenance is the same with other brands and model. Parts are also abundant.