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  1. Markus_K

    UTVBOARD Updates Completed

    New to this board, but finding a nice amount of info here. Mark
  2. Markus_K

    Hisun dealer support

    I consider my Massimo much as I did my old Ural. You need to be a bit of a wrencher, or don't buy it. They are pretty decent quality overall, and very easy to work on but there are going to be a few quality control issues here and there. My exhaust header developed a crack, that was fixed with packing and a hose clamp. A replacement is on the way. The hood was badly misaligned, not a big deal to fix. Some bolts were loose, so I tightened them. Front wheels were misaligned, took me 10 minutes to fix. I was fully aware of this and was happy to trade a few issues for the great price I paid for mine. It is a beast in the woods, and in the snow. I am quite satisfied with it up to now. Mark
  3. Markus_K

    Hisun Utv 500 help

    Do you have power going to ignition? Could be ignition switch. Had that issue on my Ural. Is yours a carb or fi. Do you hear the pump running when you turn key on?