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  2. I bought my Massimo in January, 1700 miles on it so far. No zerk fitting on the arms, but plenty of zerks in other places. Mine makes an occasional snapping/popping noise when I'm coming off a steep side load, only happens rarely. Only problem so far is a leaking front oil seal (passenger side) that I will be fixing tomorrow.
  3. Hi everyone, Been driving my Massimo since January. Really pretty satisfied with it. I have done 1 oil change on it and have now over 1700 miles on it. I have one leaking seal on the axle at the diff, but that is pretty much it. I do have a curious thing that happens occasionally. When turning or coming in or off a trail at a pretty severe side angle, I get an occasional snapping sound. This sound is pretty loud and can be felt in the footwell area. It doesn't seem to really affect anthing and there is no obvious or easily seen area where some kind of movement is happening. I'm wondering
  4. New to this board, but finding a nice amount of info here. Mark
  5. I consider my Massimo much as I did my old Ural. You need to be a bit of a wrencher, or don't buy it. They are pretty decent quality overall, and very easy to work on but there are going to be a few quality control issues here and there. My exhaust header developed a crack, that was fixed with packing and a hose clamp. A replacement is on the way. The hood was badly misaligned, not a big deal to fix. Some bolts were loose, so I tightened them. Front wheels were misaligned, took me 10 minutes to fix. I was fully aware of this and was happy to trade a few issues for the great price I paid for mi
  6. Do you have power going to ignition? Could be ignition switch. Had that issue on my Ural. Is yours a carb or fi. Do you hear the pump running when you turn key on?

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