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  1. would not calk it at all, you would need a way for the water to drain out
  2. travis do you have a power dump on your bed ? the horse mats are heavy .... really heavy, and the mat may retain water and dirt under the mat. we just paint ours every other year. and the other thing about the horse mat is stuff will not slide when you dump them.
  3. be careful of the rods they bend very easy, make sure there seated all the way.
  4. no the spring tension sound about right...
  5. mine does also bump when going into gear
  6. the pulleys do wear, also the 3010's are no race car off the line ..... the 3010's were built for work, and work they will do , military used them, https://www.kawieriders.com/threads/aftermarket-clutch-for-3010-trans.157217/ clutch spring kit https://www.sidebysidesports.com/episputclkit.html
  7. will have to go and see when i use our mule
  8. nope flood the carb and right down the cyl. ....... got the tee shirt on that one .......
  9. you will not be able to run the mr gasket pump off the fuel relay, i tried and could never get it to supply and that relay is $$$$ as for pressure IRC started off on the 2 setting think Im running 2lb pressure , I set it by keeping it low and when i was losing power bumped it up a little at a time, as i said b4 keep checking you oil level , you can wash the cylinders really fast https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BPL4HCY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 EMPI 9092 FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR WITH BRACKET AND 2) 5/16" FITTINGS also the gauge and fittings
  10. its not a flooding issue ....... I have hydro locked the motor with that fuel pump .the mr gasket fuel pump does work great i my self have used them on tractors and my mule , couple of dont's do's with that fuel pump, depending on how you have it wired in \, don't let it run while the motor is not running, the float will leak down with constant pressure, the float seat does wear after time and the floats do go bad, use only factory parts for carb rebuild the after market one suck KEEP CHECKING YOU OIL LEVEL ..........
  11. don't touch the governor on these motors, not a good thing .... they go boom easy..... as for the fuel pump you will need to do a regulator on it if not you can flood the motor the gas will push past the float, here is the link to set idle on the mule carb it works .... https://www.rfive.me/info/mule-i1.html
  12. rear coil packs are know to go bad on these models, i have one of the 3010 myself, the carbs are a problem child with the enthol gas mix, i had a float problem that led to washing my cylinders out, had to re-hone and re-ring the motor, check your compression on both cyl. also watch out for blockage on the air filter and the frame tube, had a old hornets nest that fell down the tubing and blocked the air filter, the 3010 are good machines but do have there quirks, if your having a idle problem there is a great write up on that, and the 3010 do hate cold weather,
  13. Pictures please or you didn't buy it ..... LOL
  14. thanks she's a really good hunter also yes i know its poodle but she's really good at rabbits and other small game and the best thing is she's daddy's girl ....lol
  15. Hi rich do you have any pictures of your mule in action ? also have you done any mods to it Jeff

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