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  2. Is there a place to post your Joyner for sale on here??? I looked but I do not see it, but that does not mean much, my wife says I have selective hearing and sight.
  3. Lenny, can you hook me up with some ball joints???
  4. When you drill these out are you doing it on a press or as it is mounted??
  5. All the sudden my T2 started overheating driving down a dirt road close to home. Fan was working and everything looked fine. I grabed my air compressor and started blowing it on the front side of the radiator, it looked clean not clogged with mud or anything like that however, I was shocked at how much dirts blew out of the fins!!! This fixed everything, no more over heating!!! so even if the radiator looks clean the fins could simply be clogged with dust and dirt deep inside.
  6. Wow, I just pulled my upper bolt and now I see exactly what you are talking about. First off I found my bolt threads were totally gone and I was not even using that much pressure to remove it, I don’t know how it even felt tight unless previous owners used a whole bottle of high temp lock tight on it. There is no part of that stock bolt that comes close to intersecting the half moon of the ball joint shaft. No wonder they just fall out. It just seems stupid for a manufacture to put it together that way. Soon as I turned the bolt the ball joint fell out, and I've been driving this thing 60 m
  7. Hi Lenny, I was changing tires today and noticed when I jacked up the front the left upper ball joint slide out aleast half way. Bolt was tight so it looks like I need to do the same as you. Question, are you doing the drilling with everything in place or do I have to remove the whole hub assembly and do it in a drill press? Thanks
  8. Tires and wheels look great! What size are they???
  9. How well has your powersteering been working?
  10. Barry thanks for the info, what preasures are you adjusting too? Greg
  11. How do you like the King shocks so far? Did you have to do any modifications to make them fit?
  12. I see all this talk on shocks was back in 2008 Whats the latest? Most of what you are talking about is over my head. I want some good shocks for my T2 without having to change mounting brackets if thats possible. I just want to be able bolt on and go. How are the King shocks? Man they are spendie!!! Has anyone other than King developed shocks for the T2?
  13. If ya don't mid me asking what happened to yours? If you are in a pinch and you can't get one from Arlington or any where else I would take it to any fab weld shop and have them duplacate it for me.
  14. Thanks Barry, this is all I am going to be thinking about
  15. Wow 3k I wonder how is Lenny getting his for $250.00each? Come to think of it my sons racing shocks for his quad cost me darn near that much. So did you have the same banging noise im talking about and did the new shocks take care of that? Did you get a much softer ride with the Kings? Do you have a website for them? Thanks for your help!

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