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  2. Travis, I guess I am replying to an old post from 2017. I am hoping that since your post of the link for a good non dealer alternative for Kawasaki parts, maybe you have found a good supplier in Texas. Maybe also a good source for accessories and equipment. I am not needing/wanting much of anything right now. But when your unit is broken down a mile from the house , in a hardly accessible spot, I think, that is not the time to start a search for a reliable supplier. Especially with the issues of dealing with the "Covid effect" on everything I try to do. I am still looking for a
  3. Travis, I have not seen one of these, but Wow they have it all, but yes pricey. I have seen copycat units used by Forrest Service and Game Department personnel, I did not ask if they were personal equipment or owned by their departments. I can see that the smaller more affordable (?) unit drafting from a couple of blue barrels on a trailer would be within the Mule's specs and should be highly effective. I would like the drafting feature due to concerns about clearing/cleaning the tank and pump rig when switching from herbicide to say garden watering. It would be easier to use a separa
  4. To Dan B, Travis, Yes, pretty small scale, we would not likely burn more than 25 to 50 acres at a time. I would be one of several units with tanks, but if it gets out of hand we would be totally ineffective to help. Mostly what I am looking for is for mop-up of dead trees, logs, trash, etc that continue to burn and could cause a later problem. Also, maybe as Travis thought, a tow rig's added capacity would likely offset any issues of maneuverability and provide a little more effectiveness. All of these burns would be under the control and guidance of professional burn management.
  5. I need help and idea's on the best options for a water tank/spray rig for a Mule Pro 6 passenger, used in the 3 passenger mode. This will be for support of prescribed burns, once called controlled burns, to clear under brush and slash after logging operations and wildfire prevention. Occasionally used to apply fertilizer, insecticide or herbicide on pasture. Also to provide supplemental water for crops, gardens/landscaping. Ideally it would be about 50 gal, with both a boom and hand held sprayer, and with a high volume pump. It would be nice to be able to suction pump to load the tan
  6. Hi to all that answered this, lot of knowledge and experience out there. Treeman1042 thanks for your thoughts. My mule and my dealer are all OK so far?? You and Nate T feel the Mule is good for the long haul. I also agree with Willy M, without parts support there will not be a long haul. AirsenseOO, likely you have already gotten a unit. After going through just buying a machine I would say to buy from a big name brand for long term parts support, tech support, recalls, safe design, nation wide dealer locations and more likely they will be in business when you want service, repair
  7. Thanks guys for your reply on this. I got one $500 but I am still waiting on the $500 for accessories and parts but will not give up. Thanks again.
  8. Treeman1942 saw your post. I was caught in the stop sale for 140 days waiting on delivery of the 2020 Kawa Pro- FXT. I am pretty much a newbie. I wish I had gotten an Owners Manual and read what the service requirements were to satisfy 3 yr factory plus the 3 yr extended warranty I bought. There are so many service items that require taking the unit to a Dealer or performed by someone equally competent. Who is equally competent? Farther disclaimer "Kawa cannot assume any responsibility for damage resulting from incorrect maintenance or improper adjustment". If I follow taking the unit
  9. I hope all have received their unit. How many of you, who were caught in this stop sale, were offered and actually received the $500 dealer incentive? A more important question is how many were offered and have actually received the incentive for $500 dollars off of accessories or parts? This is per letter from the Sr. V.P. of sales and operations on Feb. 19, 2020 (copy of letter is included about one half way through this thread). It was to be paid by dealer and then would be reimbursed and credited to the dealers parts account. Did anyone actually receive this accessories and parts inc

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