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Kawasaki Mule Parts. Information**updated**

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Hi, all, I am here to say i have found an excellent source for kawasaki parts, It's run by  Eddie Babbit. It is called Kawasaki Partshouse. run by Babbits online, Muskegon Michigan. http://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts

Just the other day i ordered piston rings, for my Mule 550, They got here and a Oil ring, and smaller ring were missing from the box, Kawasaki took responsibility for the "Accident" and  I had also contacted babbits, and they replied and they said" keep the old rings, order a new set and you just pay shipping" so i got $30 piston rings for 8.95!!!?^_^ Free shipping on orders over $50!!!


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Parts sources for us MULE owners.





 These are the best  places for machine parts such as, wheel bearings, and switches, cables etc.

I've noticed if a part number for your engine gets superceded, they list them as unavailable. 

 to get engine parts if one is unavailable get your engine model number (Should start with "F")

 you can go to:





Edit: 4/19/2020

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Careful when using the Dayco belts on these! The dayco number is HP2023, my experience with it was not good. The belt was too tight for the CVT to operate as designed.... It would roll forward when in the forward gear, and roll back when in reverse...

I installed a Gates 6013 sportline, works perfectly now!

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Need a valve a new valve stem for your Mule? don't pay $8 for 1 from kawasaki, go to amazon and get the Stens 175-505 (i wasn't able to find any locally), https://www.amazon.com/Stens-175-505-Valve-Stem/dp/B001OK8QBK

it will replace these:

Parts Search Results

Assemblies where 16126-4001 is used


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I removed my right rear wheel tonight since i bought new tires to put on. I found one of my wheel studs had stretched, i torque them to 25 ft lbs when i  install as the manual says to do. i went ahead and inspected all the other studs on each wheel and they're fine.

 Kawasaki wants anywhere from $6 to $12 per stud, but the thread size is all you need, it takes M10-1.25 stud.

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Travis, I guess I am replying to an old post from 2017. 

I am hoping that since your post of the link for a good non dealer alternative for Kawasaki parts, maybe you have found a good supplier in Texas.  Maybe also a good source for accessories and equipment.  I am not needing/wanting much of anything right now.  But when your unit is broken down a mile from the house , in a hardly accessible spot, I think, that is not the time to start a search for a reliable supplier.  Especially with the issues of dealing with the "Covid effect" on everything I try to do.

I am still looking for a large water tank/spray rig to be a better then nothing supplement for fire fighting but mostly to be used for mop up after a controlled burn.  These rigs are out there but price is killing me.

Hope our 2021 gets better,   Hugh



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I haven't found a good online partshouse here in Texas, besides ordering through my local dealer, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is the next best thing, if the part is in stock at their Kentucky wharehouse, it gets to me no later than 3 days from order date.

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