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  2. No it is not a belt issue but i noticed the excessive belt whipping, When you run the Ultimx UXP446, XTX2236, 30C3750 then it is wise to shim the driven to remove some of that excessive slack from the belt. That shift rod has a couple adjustments so set it in N and then move the lever all the way and make sure rod ends floats and then all the other way and then check again.
  3. You mean upshifting too fast? I don't have the image of the 800 shift rod assy but I need to make a tutorial for that. Put the shifter in N and make sure lever on gearbox is straight up and then adjust rod adjusters so the rod free floats.
  4. You can install the drivers from the program itself as it has a install drivers button at the top of the screen and they are drivers meant to be used with that cable, Seems you lucked out but some won't so best to install the drivers from the HUD ECU Hacker program.
  5. Make sure you check the face of the movable sheave as they have a tendency to crack and they will explode and take out everything in the box. Also look at the shoes and the weight blocs as they tend to melt if exposed to excessive temps. Have you adjusted the shift rod? CV Tech Trailbloc Wear Points
  6. I recommend the Ultimax UXP446 for all my clutch kits and dimension wise it is the same as the XTX2236 or 30C3750. If you have the 800 you will need to re-shim the secondary as even in oem form they are a little slack on belt deflection.
  7. Joe, That link you posted is no longer valid as I performed an update and it didn't seem to like it so I moved to a different page. https://www.norwestsuspension.com/delphi-mt-05-diagnostics-readerrecorder
  8. Yep as they are not adjusted correctly, New models come in and I adjust the latches on each one I do. Just crappy assembly from the factory.
  9. Joe, I was using PCHUD for several years but the problem with that was you needed to be running a 32 bit OS which I did in a VM enviroment, This new software is based off of PCHUD except can be used on a 64 bit OS. So I made the switch to the new software from Elmu and once I ran it through it's paces I changed the PCHUD tutorial to HUD ECU Hacker software. I am not looking to screw anyone over and have tested this software and the cables I made on several different machines. I am not the creator of the software but I did write up that tutorial as I do contract work for a local Bennc
  10. You can add preload to the spring and it will raise the body and also on those normally the nitrogen in the shock is low so add nitrogen and bring the psi up to 200psi. Those are emulsion shocks so there is nothing separating the fluid and nitrogen so jack up the machine till the tires are off the ground and then add the nitrogen, Also tighten valve cores as usually they are loose and leaking. I installed a clutch kit on my 1000 and what a difference that made.
  11. If you have the black end shocks with gold body and red spring those are rebuildable and revalveable, But with that said usually they are just low on nitrogen or don't have any nitrogen left in them.

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