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Joe Toup

Troubleshooting Fault Codes Pt III

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Hey Everyone - I received the new VAG/KKL USB connector that "TMod" recommended.  Ordered from Amazon.  $10.  Also downloaded the free HUD ECU Hacker program.  Connected everything up using the adapter plug I previously made for $20 (sources posted in first fault code troubleshooting post) and ran the software.  I am thoroughly amazed at the results.  The stuff actually works!  Better than expected I might add.  I was able to see more data and info about the Buck than I ever thought possible.  The fact that I can see what is happening while it is running is a very significant tool to have and very important to me when troubleshooting.  An OBD reader can't hold water to the amount of data you will get using this procedure. 

I've uploaded four videos of my experience to a YouTube page where they can be seen.  I tried to upload them to the forum but could not get them to play correctly.  Hope this info helps some of you if you're riding the fence about trying it.  I still have a lot of analysis to do on my results.  I ran a log file and trace to see the parameters of the sensor outputs.  There is a ton of data to sift through.  But I am very impressed at what this software can do for the Buck.  To me it was incredibly worth the $10 for the USB cable and the $20 for the OBD connector and adapter plug.  Best $30 I've spent in a long time.  

Here is the link.  Hopefully I figured out how to make them public.  Let me know if it doesn't work.  They are in order 1-4. 


- JT



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You can install the drivers from the program itself as it has a install drivers button at the top of the screen and they are drivers meant to be used with that cable, Seems you lucked out but some won't so best to install the drivers from the HUD ECU Hacker program.

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