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  1. Still waiting on the local guy to get more parts. His engine needed a flywheel and head bolts and apparently they're coming from China.... I think I got this thing in January and it's still in pieces....
  2. Was the Canada guru named Aaron? He's been helping me with TONS of advice on the Hisun owner's group on Facebook. Wealth of Hisun knowledge.
  3. What year is that for? I'm downloading it now but thought I'd ask.... I have a 2009 700.
  4. Just looking for suggestions or passing on what kinda worked. Maybe it'll help someone else. My seats are pretty roached so after watching a bunch Youtubes and not finding a real good answer, I tried some redneck repairs until I can afford new ones. First I trimmed the sharp edges of the vinyl down even with the foam cushioning inside. Actually, I started out doing this thinking I might just throw some seat covers on and I thought the sharp edges would wear through pretty quick. But when I got them all trimmed, the foam was still pretty swollen out of the holes since it apparently sat ou
  5. Update: The fuel injected engine is out of the picture. He decided not to sell it. I did find a carbed engine up in Helena so we might be okay. Thanks, all.  
  6. Will do. Thanks. He has to order a gasket kit so we prolly won't get it for a couple weeks. Thanks, all. Rick
  7. Thanks for the reply. The situation has changed, though. The EFI engine I almost had is out of the picture. The good news is, I found a local carbed engine so we're in the process of making that happen. Thanks. Rick
  8. OK. New question. I have a 2009 Hisun 700 carbureted. I've found a 700cc replacement engine but it's fuel injected. is it possible to put in a FI engine into a carbed machine? I'm thinking the swap will have to include the computer, too, but what else? Or is it even possible? Thanks.
  9. Yes, I wrote to him the other day. He answered this morning. they sold all their 700's. May get more in a couple of months but they don't make the carbed 700 anymore. Thanks.
  10. Yes. head gasket, several different seals, water pump, piston & rings....
  11. I'll ask him about the compression. I'm totally clueless on mechanical stuff. I'm just doing the cosmetic. He's frustrated now and taking a few days off from it. I don't blame him.... Thanks. Rick
  12. Hi, thanks for answering. It does run but there are two main issues. The first one is apparently combustion gases are getting into the coolant system. We replaced the piston and rings and after remounting the head and putting on a new water pump we bled the coolant lines. Or tried to. Jacked up as high as we could and bled with the bleeder screw and got all the air out, so we thought, and buttoned it up. Ran a few minutes and it appeared the coolant wasn't circulating: no warmth in the hose going toward the radiator. It would get warm a little just from convection in the hose. We bled aga
  13. Rick McGill

    Rick McGill

  14. So, here's my story. I have a 2009 Hisun 700cc UTV. Started out as a freebie but you know nothing is free. I'm no mechanic but a neighbor is very good with this stuff and he's been doing all the work. I'm just doing all the cosmetic stuff. After replacing rings, piston, gaskets and seals, water pump, etc., he found that a circlip and a roll pin that hold the oil pump shaft in, have fallen off inside the engine at some time in the past. We don't know when or how long it's been driven that way. I got it from another neighbor who only drove it around the neighborhood once in a while. Anyway, the

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