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plumber, because of the off-set Fairlead on the Joyner winches, wire tends to bite in tight. This does happen with all wire rope winches but is worse with this off-set. Two things you can do. 1: Make a new plate to house the Fairlead correctly in front of the drum or 2: Replace the wire rope with Braided rope. I guess the sensible thing to do is both but the Braid will handle angle pulling and loading on to the drum better than wire. 1/4" rated at 3800kg is the one to go for. It's rated higher than the wire we are using. Don't be tempted to go for a stronger Braid because your loose out on length that can be feed on. Here's what I mean. http://www.4wdbits.co.nz/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=958

Cheers Mike.

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My winch will wind out but will not wind in have anyone else had this problem

The extra weight of the T4 seems to be a problem with ours, when we had the electrical problem last year we needed to use the winch to load into the trailer and it struggled with the weight. George did have a problem getting it to rewind but he finally got it done. A new winch is on Georges list of things to buy but in this economy it's going to wait a bit.


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