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Radio for Axis 500


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I started out where you are. Tried to find the best way, using old school ideas. Here's what I found. By the time you collect all the components, radio, speakers, amp, etc. The portable bluetooth speaker sounds better all the time(pun intended).

I have the W-King X10. Plenty loud with decent bass, plenty of  volume, and it'll last for hours on high. Got a cheap velcro type bar mount for it. Less than a hundred for both, problem solved, and it pops right out for carry, or you can charge small electronic devices with the oversized battery.

If that's not enough noise, then there's always a tailgating type powered speaker. I've got one of those too. When it's jamming, it's so loud, that it's uncomfortable to walk up to it to manually turn it down. And it's a cheap one. $120 bucks or so. A comparable in dash sound system would be $300 easily. And it can run down your battery if you leave it cranking out tunes while you party. The more power it puts out, the faster that'll happen. The speaker just works, I've never looked back.


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