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2017 Hisun Vector 500 Timing Chain broken


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I was looking at purchasing a 2017 Hisun vector 500, used of course.  The seller is selling it cheap stating the machine had "an unknown oil leak" and his kids ran it low on oil causing the timing chain to brake.  I am not familiar with small engines, but with what is being described, wouldn't this result in some damage to other internal components as well?  Just trying to get an idea if the machine is worth fixing or would it likely need a complete engine/overhaul to make it right before I entertain the thought of purchasing it.

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  • Alex changed the title to 2017 Hisun Vector 500 Timing Chain broken

It may or may not have damaged the valves. Either way it's a fairly large project to replace. Not sure on the 500, but complete assembled heads for these things are not crazy expensive (a couple hundred $) so for then right price if you're willing to put the time and labor in it could be a good deal.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the valves or head damage as I have seen timing chains break and do no damage.  What you will have to do is check if the engine has compression and  if that is good (making sure that the valves are closed of course).  Then take off the valve cover (and maybe the head) along with the flywheel, stator etc. and replace the timing chain.

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