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Axis, HiSun (Probably Others) fuel gauge

Greg Kilgore

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May a moderator can make this a sticky or something.

The fuel gauge seems to be misunderstood on these machines.

All blocks of bars (red and white) represent the fuel level. When the tank is empty the red bar AND the fuel pump icon flash.

In the pic below, the fuel gauge indicates a full tank.



In this pic the fuel gauge reads about 1/2 a tank.



Notice in the 1st pic there is one red bar AND 5 white bars = full tank of gas.


In the 2nd pic there is 1 red bar and 3 white bars =  about 1/2 tank of gas. 


The tank holds about 7 gallons. I put 60 miles that trip and used about 3 gallons or so. Your MPG may vary.


Hope this helps the new owners and soon-to-be owners.

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