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Electric choke issue???

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I just bought 3 ATV 90 cc tracker off road for the kids a couple days ago and we’ve been having 0 degree to -2 degrees for the last few days and all 3 quads won’t start at all I’m suspecting the electric choke being the issue as it may not be cold enough for full choke but to cold to start so my question is on a 2022 90cc tracker off road is it possible to remove the electric choke and replace it with a manual one?

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Jetting for the fuel enriching circuit ("choke") too small.  Older Honda had the same problem resulting in a LEAN spit backfire that took out the starter drive gear teeth.....which attached to the flywheel magnets and shredded the stator and the SS liner and thus knocking off the magnets.  Using a copper wire to see-saw the jet opening usually opened up the jet enough.  Small # drill bits are usually too agressive on opening the jet up.



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