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Zerk Fittings


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Where are the zerk fittings on a T4?

They don't have many. There are some on the front ball joints but they need to be replaced with SAE greese fittings as the stock ones are chinese and I don't think anything fits them. There is also a greese fitting on the front drive shaft carrier bearing which is a bi-------------h to get at. Greese fittings should be added to at least the main pivot points of the rear swing arms. This is easy to do, just drill while on the buggy and tap 1/4-28 or 1/8" pipe and screw in the fittings. Fittings should be available at any auto parts store.


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The fittings on the steering ball joints work fine with my hand pump grease gun, there is also one on the bottom of the steering rack, I also pulled the top A arm ball joints, ground the welds that hadn't broke and screwed the top off, drilled, tap, zerked, screwed back on and welded so I could grease them also. Also, since the rubber is no good on the steering ball joint, 2274262840104282158sivWwQ_th.jpg I suggest Tie Rod Dust Boot, Checker Auto#13566 as shown in Parts and Pieces thread.


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