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2008 Joyner C2 Commando Drivetrain


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Hello Folks,

New to this forum and wondering if others are having simuilar problems. Bought the C2 in '08, with 65 miles on it my rear end expolded ( nope did not shift into 4 wheel while moving). At that time the dealer closet to me contacted them and the sent a new one and replace it free! At 88 miles the actuator for the front differential went out locked in place and damaged the front end, I paid for that one. Just a coulple of weeks ago the drive shaft to the rear end came out while I was servicing my hunt lease land leaving me stranded 1.2 miles in the woods after it rurtured the oil filter and destroyed the universal. The former dealer in Fayetteville NC, repaired it fast to get me back hunting (many thanks! O.U.Harleys.) I know have a very familiar clicking and popping noise starting back. My real question is, Is there any way to replace the entire rear and front ends and use something out of a different mfg line? I have thought of using some small four wheel drive that is readily available? I like the C2 despite the problems, engine is strong and tranny has been no problems, just these dang cheap built drive train sections. Any ideas? Thanks. :blink:

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When you find it, I want to know too!

Man that sounds like a challenge or an "I already tried this route"? It is a perplexing problem. If I only had dependable drivetrain I wouldn't take anything for the machine, as it is; B) anyone want one in working order for a good price? Maybe we will get lucky. B)

rocmoc n AZ

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