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Is there an Alternator I can get at a local parts store for a 2006 Commando 650.

Also does anyone know if other UTV's wheels will fit a Commando.

Hi Silverbullet

Any early gm truck alt sigle wire.big lead goes to battery pos post.Then find the one wire that gets hot on old plug with key on install spade on wier and plug in new alt.Tape wires left over and your good to go.

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where are you at on this planet :)

If you want to send your alternator to me, I can most likely fix it, I have before, I have a chip or two laying around that you can have, just look at the copper winding and if they're not burnt, then it just needs a diode or 2 and maybe a new regulator (chip) 

Your costs are postage, both ways and maybe a few incidental, but probably not.


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Took the alt to autozone and they claimed they couldn't test it because they can't tell the machine what the alt belonged to and they don't have the proper wiring to hook it up.  I replaced it with a Toyota alt that bolted in but still have issues.   The new alt runs up over 15 volts.   My thinking is the rectifier/regulator is bad.    Sorry for my delayed responses but I work out of town sometimes weeks at a time.  I appreciate the offer and will likely take you up on trying to repair the other for a backup. I also noticed after I replaced it and fired the machine up that the fuel pump continued to run after shutting it off.   Only way I can stop it is to disconnect the battery.  Lots of Gremlins in this Commando.  I don't know if it's a short or possibly related to the rectifier/regulator or what.  

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      Hello Everyone
      Brand new Joyner  CV AXLES are waiting to be unloaded at LA port and then be sent to warehouses in  Charleston, TN ,   BALTIMORE, MD  and Groveport, OH. Estimate they will be available for shipments to end customers in about 2-3 weeks. 
      These CV AXLES  are ordered in February this year and now it is middle July.  Very long time to get these parts.  Qty for each model is not big. Detail as below: 
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      Below items are also available.  These items can be shipped in days
      1. 800 Renegade R2/R4 Front outer cage  ---  5 pieces   
      2. 800 Viper SV1100 Drive shaft rear Left outer cage --- 5 pieces
      3.  800 Viper SV1100 Drive shaft rear left inner cage --- 3 pieces
      CV BOOT:
      1.    650 Commando Left Front / 650 Commando Right Front /650 Sand Spider Rear Left / 650 Sand Spider Rear right /  OUT CAGE            2 pieces                  
      2.    650 Commando Rear OUT CAGE              1 pieces                    
      3    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE        2  pieces                   
      4    650 Commando Left Front / 650 Commando Right Front  INNER CAGE          1 pieces                    
      5    650 Sand Spider Rear Left /  650 Sand Spider Rear right INNER CAGE            1 pieces                    
      6    650 Commando Rear INNER CAGE           1 pieces                    
      7    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE  INNER CAGE            2 pieces                    
      Anyone who need above items please contact me at  [email protected]  Thanks. 
      Other Joyner items needed, you can also contact me and I will try to help. 
      Have good day
      Casey / Leaf Asia 

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      Ive searched and cannot find any performance parts that fit my machine.
      I have a 2020 coleman ut400.
      Im looking for machined sheave kit, programmers, cdi, exhaust and intake.
      I know these are yamaha rhino clones but are they rhino 450 clones?
      Any info is appreciated.
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      Polaris Ranger side by side can am On Ebay

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      I have a 2014 RTV 1140 CPX and the assembly cover port block part # K7611-14603 needs replacement. It is very expensive and is part of the transmission in the rear. Looking for a used transmission or used transmission parts. Any ideas welcome and appreciated.
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