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Help me understand! This is a video of a drag race between a stock Joyner Trooper and a Joyner Trooper with a turbo, correct? Now if that is the case, IMHO the money was wasted as there was little difference. Maybe driver, maybe bad choice in Turbo manufacturer; Am I seeing something wrong?

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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That’s why I posted it. I was confused with what I was seeing. Maybe I’ll ask the question on YouTube.

Cheers Mike

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I know how to resolve this. A drag race between Lenny and someone at the June Adventure. LOL! Lenny, you up for it? I guess it would have to be me as I am one of the few running the same size tires and hopefully gearing. Would be interesting!

rocmoc n AZ

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I'll put a lazy $10 on Lenny.

I submit a question on YouTube and got a reply which was, "The driver on the turbo Joyner, shifted wrong on 3rd and it still catch up to the other trooper. A good driver would have done much better."

Cheers Mike.

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