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I am thinking of adding a swaybar. Has anyone done this or put any thought to it? If I was to add only one, would it be most optimal in the front or back? I can see positives to both. In the past I have gotten a little squirley at high speeds and it felt as though a swaybar would help.

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I have not done it, but I have felt same thing. Maybe check the nitrogen in your shocks make sure they are topped off, then check your preload.

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So, I got into building my swaybar this weekend. I am using a schroeder torsion bar, aluminum arms, polyurethane mounts, and TJ swaybar links with quick disconnects. I am running the torsion bar in the small gap in front of the motor and just above the tranny. I fabbed 1 3/4" blocks for it to mount on. They will be welded on the tubes that extrapolate the transmission. My original plan was to mount it on or near the rear radiator mounts, but after mocking it up it didn't have the proper clearances. I will take pictures when I get it completed.

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Finished the swaybar a couple of weeks ago and tested it. It worked well, but I do need to up the torsion bar diameter. I could feel the swaybar doing its job, but it was too much into the lean of the car before it started to react and level the rear end. As far as the trail ride and suspension travel I felt no change. I did engineer quick disconnects into the unit, but I doubt I will use them often. I really wanted to be able do disconnect them just in case there was a failure somewhere in my design--but swaybars break fairly often in offroad cars. Here is a picture:


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Its not really necessary unless you go to a really soft suspension set up like a dual rate spring or air shocks. With the stock shocks I would slide around corners with little body roll on open dirt roads, but when I went fast in rough terrain it was literally like trying to stay on a mechanical bull. Even going slow in places like Moab was very unpleasant for any rocks/bumps over 4 inches.

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