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I haven't opened and looked at them yet, but I just copied some PDF manual from http://www.lifestyleutvs.com/trooper1100t24x4.htm, who I believe is Brostar, and the home button's on-line diy manuals, http://www.lifestyleutvs.com/onlinediymanuals.htm, took me to another page which sent me to http://www.jmcmotors.us/manuals.html. Brostar has some nice photos to look at or you can go direct to JMC motors via the underlined bold link. Good to have if you don't already.

Thanks gumball, who said, If you don't have this manual I suggest you move fast and get it before it's gone. It has a better wiring diagram than the one I have. It actually has some of the wire "colours". Page 64 -65.


EDIT -- Be sure to get the 2009 manual, http://www.jmcmotors.us/manuals/TR1100-T2-T4_manual2009.pdf , it has better details and more information and in looking through it, I finally figured out that the weird round tool is an oil filter spanner. :o

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I have all those manuals and more rescued from tjusa before it went down. I also have all the stuff from the dealer only section.

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