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Cainesvale is Mud Hills. Mud hills are just that, no rocks, smooth griping old mud that has dried into hills. They are great riding, hill climbing, jumping and doing trick stuff. The campground was just off the highway. No vegetation at all at this location. They are at a place called Swingarm City. Great single track location. I will have my dirtbike with me again at the Summer Jamboree.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Hey Rocmoc, those trails look like a riot to ride. Now I want another dirkbike. I like trails that are more techincal and used to do all the hillclimb events for a number of years. By the way, I hope we will get a chance to see you do that double backflip you promised to show us. I did a quad backflip once but nobody saw me. Oh, that was after I hit the ground.


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