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Forest Lands in Southern AZ Closed to riding!

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    • By Dale Anderson
      Hey guys and girls,I'm from north carolina, me and a few of my friends are thinking about coming out there this fall or next spring I would like to get someone that I can ask I asked questions and talk to them some which time of the year is it better to come out there ,we would like to come and ride for about a week we want to do mountain type riding and we want to do the dunes and desert riding and we would like to even find someone that we could pay to go riding with us to show us different trails here is my email address I hope to hear from someone and thank you guys so be safe ride safe and have fun
      [email protected]
    • By National Motorsports
      Hi All,
      Ryan from National Motorsports here. We help get riding areas up and going by helping folks secure event and facility insurance and so much more. Here to help out with questions regarding starting riding areas, working with municipalities, zoning, insurance and more.
      Join us on facebook at - https://www.facebook.com/Nat.Motorsports
      Our folks also run the WATVA in Wisconsin and helped make the law so UTVs could ride on ATV trails and fund their own trails. More on that here - https://www.watva.org/index.php/Site-Documents/wisconsin-utv-information.html
      Anyway, thanks for having us!

    • By Lenny
      Got a metal detector for Christmas. Wanted a nice one all of my life. Now my riding trips will be twice as fun. Going into the mountain foothills along the eastern Navada boarder about 25 miles north of Utahs southern state line. This is gold country so we will be looking for nuggets. Actually won't get rich but its all about the thrill of the hunt. Who really knows, somewhere in this world is a 25 pound nugget and someone just might find it. The trails are going to be good and and with my heaters, the Trooper should be comfortable dispite it being in the 30s. No snow.
    • By rocmoc
      Found this and may be a new place in UT. Maybe you can make it up there Lenny, Kinarfi or local. When I looked on Google Earth, looks like BLM has made paved back-in camping sites.
      rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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