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Labor Day Weekend!

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    • By stevozz
      Just found out out that I am going to big lake in Arizona near alpine next weekend from sept 2nd to the 5th. Just wanted to know if anybody was going to be there so that we can hook up and do some riding? would love to meet some fellow trooper owners. The one couple that is going up with us also has a trooper we do alot of riding here in Safford. If anybody is going to be up there let me know and we will hook and do some riding.
    • By 2scoops
      I will be camping in Sandflats if anyone wants you meet up for a ride.
    • By rocmoc
      We have friends coming in from Santa Fe this weekend so we will be going out for at least one day, Friday. We have a saddle in the nearby moutains I like to ride up to as you can look down over the entire valley. Taks about an hour or more to get there and could take longer if you stop at any of the mines. Welcome to join us (doesn't have to be a Joyner) if anyone is nearby, south of Tucson.
    • By ricksrb
      Anyone going out for the long weekend? Where?
      With the nice weather we are expecting 70-80 this weekend we will be going out to Glamis for the first time.Never been out that way so hope its all its cracked up to be.

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