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Chery made by John deere?


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i was on the phone with No Limits Powersports asking about buying a new Trooper T2 for my buddy...

i was told they were bought out and resumed buisness and also that the 1100cc Chery motor was built by

John Deere, and i could buy parts for the motor from my local John Deere dealer... has anyone else heard

this? is he full of it or truthful? i am asking because i am going to order the cams and rebuild the head and need a top end gasket kit....

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and sorry lenny like i said i took my starter to a local starter & alt. rebuild place and the guy there told me it was a Mitsubishi starter and he did put a new motor and solinoid on it and did it in only a few hours... i will try to get by there asap and find out exactly which year make and model it will fit... i know the fron housing has to be reused but the motor and sol. are mitsu...

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I would think so. I beleive that Cheryt only makes one 1100cc engine and if John Deere is using their 1100cc then the parts should be idenical except for maybe some minor changes from year to year. Head gaskets, oil pumps, etc.should be the same. Just make sure you get clear confirmation from John Deere of the engine they are using.


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Chery engines are made by Chery and used by many Off Road and On Road Vehicles. The JD engine is the Chery 812cc and is the same as the Joyner Renegades. JD followed Joyner after testing the engine out. JD has the Auto Trans and is down on power a bit from the Renegades Manual Trans set-up. It’s the fastest ever Gator but against Joyner it’s behind both the Trooper and Renegade.

Cheers Mike.

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