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2012 Joyner Trooper


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Been researching on buying the new 2012 trooper and after reading some forums and not feeling warm and fuzzy about it. Anyone have suggestions on these yet? I know they have made many great changes on these units but parts is what concerns me......

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Guest Lenny

Thanks, what web sites are available to research some after market parts to go fast, and winshields tops ect. Also I haven't seen any forums for the 2012 models yet.

You can get quality enclosures and windsheilds for the T2 from Desert Exchange on Ebay.



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We had one in the shop a month ago drove a lot smoother due to a suspension upgrade they come with also felt torquier than the straight header model of the past..the new one is a cast iron manifold and dual cats with a muffler..I guess the back pressure helps low end but does seem to die down a bit faster up top..new 2012s come bare no light bars winch and other little options older models had but that can easily be added..they have manual 4wd from the factory also

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Good, those are some of things I have noticed as well. The I will be purchasing has the light bab, spare tire and 3500# winch for $11,300 which is a white one, the white looks little better than some of the choices. Thanks

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Good, those are some of things I have noticed as well. The I will be purchasing has the light bab, spare tire and 3500# winch for $11,300 which is a white one, the white looks little better than some of the choices. Thanks


Fill in your profile so we know where your located. Might help with pricing that way. Have seen 2012 going for as low as $8,900.

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