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hey guys if you wanna see the new shocks on the trooper go into my pics under "new color". The front are in gotta trim the fenders glad I went with the limit straps the inserts that I had made for the shock mounts fro the new bolts fit awsome!!! Left rear shock is in now to adjust the rear locker and put the Righ side back together. Its still sitting on the jack stands so far.



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ok folks heres an update so far

1 got all the shocks and straps in and then pulled them back out having more nitro put in. I started with a 300 psi charge on all of the. fronts not bad but a little to soft, the rears way to soft lost to much ground clearence talked with the guys at fox and got new pressure amount to be set today going 350 in the front and 480 in rear. Hopefully I will have it together tonite. NO i have not driven it yet this was just in the garage rear was to low for a ride I felt. I will keep you all updated.

2 any of you guys had trouble adjusting your locker cables I kow Lenny did make a post about how to adjust and I kinda get it, my locker was working, and since I have reinstalled the rear diff I cant get it to engage its not the diff I can pull the pin on the diff no problem there. Maybe I have the cable routed wrong and now its to long ?????? =( any input thanx

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The routing of the cable shouldn't make any differance unless you have is bent around a corner real sharp. Make sure the cable is lubercated and have someone actuate the lever while you check if it is pulling the pin out correctly. There are 2 places to adjust the cable. One is at the differential and the other is at the lever. Also make sure the cable is seated correctly into its adjuster sleeve at the lever side.


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Lenny thanx fro the tip!! Ill double check the cable routing last night I sqirted a lot of PB blaster down the cable at the top by the lever didnt come out the other end though, I did adjust the cable once up by the lever and I cant imagine the rear locker wasnt working I know my trails and know were I do and dont need to lock it for wheel slip. I have adjust it back and forth at the diff and nothing yet enless my wife moved the wrong lever lol cable is routed pretty much were it always has been Ill double check it tonite. Should I maybe unadjust it at the lever and start as if its new or just play with the diff adjustment cause thats all I touched??

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The main thing is that the cable pulls the pin the right amount. Doesn't matter where you adjust it to get there. When you adjust it, jack up the rear wheels off the ground so you can spin them to feel when it's engaging and disengaging. Once it starts to engage, the pin should be pulled another 1/4" or so.


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Ok shock update!

Took shocks to local 4x4 shop to have more nitro put in had fronts charged to 350 psi. Installed the back in trooper I think there gonna be a little stiff no biggie I can adjust down. So I had the front charged by the shop as well I was told the shocks were shipped at 300 psi then come to find out it was 280 the rears were at so I had rears charged at 440. Put rear shocks in buggy and the trooper is a low rider half the ride hieght is gone!!!! So no I'm calling offroad warehouse and I'm pretty aggravated not getting anywhere. The guy I spoke to and bought shocks from is out for next two days and the guy I spoke with wants me to buy bigger shocks I said NO!! So I call fox give them all the info I have collected told them everything that is going on and that I have not even driven the trooper yet! They were shocked lol no pun intended so they say I'll tell u what we stand behind our stuff all the way and something doesn't sound right if u wanna pay for shipping both ways we will set them charge them and go threw them with no charge to you except shipping! I said really hell ya, so the guys at fix call me today say there's hardly any oil in the shocks and they were only charged at 350psi. Of course I'm pissed but kinda relieved there putting about 28cc of oil in them setting them to 500 psi and shipping out tomorrow so I will have them on Friday. So in my own opinion fox has great customer service offroad warehouse is ok but I feel like they dropped the ball and my local offroad shop sux!!!! First test drive should be this weekend!!!!!! Fingers crossed

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I found the locking adjustment really finicky too. At first, I had to remove both cables completely, spray Wd40 t clean them, then grease them with motorcycle chain lube. That had them moving smoothly. Once done, I did what Lenny suggested and rasied the ends up, one at a time.

Tip: Use the little red tube WD40 and chain lube comes with, insert it into the cable end and tape it with electric tape to force the fluid through the cable.

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Tinman thatnx for the tip on lubing the cable I actually have been squirting PB bkaster down the cable I will try the WD40 as well the tube I think is smaller. Ok the part # for the straps

22" 18122

18" 18118

The lenghts are actually little over 22" AND 18" they said the straps will stretch about 1/2" I got them from offroad warehouse

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