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Intake Air Temp Sensor Signal Wire


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I am new to this forum officially but I have been helped by you guys many times, thanks a lot for the help!! But I too now have the same problem as petethedog. I also need to know which of the wires on IAT/MAP sensor is the signal wire for the IAT. Looking at Kinarfis post i little bit confused and still as well dont know if its the yellow or the blue/red wire.

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Good link Zeb, can't read chinese but sure helps with id'ing sensors. On the Throttle Body the 3 prong sensor appears to me to be the Throttle Position Sensor, so the 4 prong on the TB must be the Idle Air Control I am thinking.



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Looking at the drawing of the AIT/Map 2976738910104282158ydJGlw_th.jpg I'm not sure what I said in an early post is correct as it disagrees with this drawing. But if you want to know for sure which is the temp wire, once you're sure of the + and - wire, measure the resistance of the other terminals and then warm the thing up and see what changes. the temp wire will have changes on it and the pressure wire shouldn't.

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