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I went into old snow last year also the trooper did very good in just 4wd for me but you would have to keep your rpm up to dig through hard snow, the soft snow is a cake. Deepest snow i drove into was almost up to highest part of the rocker panel on t2

Windshield would be a big luxury item here lol i became an human popsicle in Less than 30 minutes

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Where did u get the doors? Are they hinged? Full or half doors?

I'm interested in full cab enclosure or maybe just doors and windshield

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My wife sells the best enclosures on the market. Not the cheapest but great quality and a good value. Go to http://www.pacificeagleusa.com/

She has enclosures specific for the T2 but not the T4. The web sight gives you a rundown on just what her enclosures are all about.

The enclosures are entirely made in the USA. I don't typically say anything on this forum about Items either she or I sell as I don't feel using this forum as a billboard is the right thing to do. I don't have any problem with members like goingdeep working with the forum to develope new items for the Joyners.


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My mother inlaw made me a full soft enclosure it's not complete sealed when on but keeps the wind and rain off of u. It snaps onto the roll bar the doors are full soft doors made of the stuff they use on boat canopies they have zippers and u can roll them back and leave on the trooper or unsnap the then I have top and back piece up top

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Hey, my wife can't compete against mother inlaws. Actually my wifes enclosures uses boat canopy material too. And zippers and the doors also roll back. Sounds like your mother inlaw did a nice job for you.


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Lol ya I looked at your wife's set up seems to be a little better than mine but very similar lol my mother inlaw has been a seemstress for years and now she redoes boats as a side hobby and did my enclosure!!!

You want to trade mother in law's ? in fact even if yours couldnt sew i would trade ? better yet i will just give you mine....(LOL)

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I have about 17 inchs of ground clearence with my shock set up. I have been in as much as 24 inches of snow so far this year and the T2 just keeps goin. I have a full cab and windshield which is nice due to the -0 weather I am hunting in. The only issue i have is I have to carry a squee gee to clean off the wind shield as the snow goes over the top of the T2 when it is that deep. Having the turbo is nice as well as I dont have to shift as much. When the engine starts to pull down I just give more gas, when the turbo spools up the T2 comes alive and plows through. I have got it buried in deep drifts which I had to take a couple runs at to get through. I carry a 6 gallon gas can in a rack on the front because driving in snow like that all day eats the fuel.

I have owned a Rhino and a Prowler. The Rhino wasn't even close to what I needed. The Prowler was better but even after a lift and pumping up the motor it couldn't come close to going where the T2 can go. I will admit I had to work out some issues with my T2 also. I put knew rear diff, new shocks, built a sterring kit I can grease, new ball joints, new intake housing which contains two air filters I use in my Ford Power Stroke, raised the shock mounts two inches and changed the shock angle which gives me 12 inchs wheel travel and 17 inchs ride height but also allows me to run the springs a bit soft which keeps the tires on the ground more. The next things will be a heater like Lenny has and perhaps a self parking wind shield wiper. I

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