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Fuel filter in gas tank


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Well I don't know if this has been covered yet. I removed my gas gauge off the tank because of it leaking. I looked in tank and found a strainer fell off fuel pickup. Well lets say 3 hrs later I had it back on and feel better now. Took a thin piece of steel bent it and stuck it down through gas gauge hole. Then I took a 22mm crows foot put it on a long extension and worked to get it started. Well lets say it sucked big time. But it is back on now. Good luck and may the force be with you on this one.

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They must have added that since 2008, all I have is 2 outlet inlet holes and no way to put a screen on. Have you experienced running out of gas on steep declines yet? My outlet is at the back of the tank and if I'm going down hill and I only have around 1/3 or less, the ports uncover and I used to run out of fuel until I leveled out. I added a surge tank and don't have that problem any more.

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My surge tank is good for about a gallon and a half, but you should never need that much as long as the return goes back to the surge tank. One thing I would suggest is that the fuel be pumped into the top so you don't need a check valve like I did. Mine has a low pressure pump to pump gas into the surge tank and a float system to turn the fill pump off once the surge tank is full and turn it back after it drains to about 2/3. If you need any advice or suggestions, just ask. I have no screen in the tank, but do have one built into the tranfer pump, the from the surge tank to the high pressure pump to filter to fuel reg to fuel rail. I also added a very small outlet to the rail so fuel can return back to the tank incase debris gets into the rail, that way it has somewhere else to go to instead of the injectors. To make the out let hole, I brazed the end, drilled the hole, soldered a hose fitting to the brass and hooked the hose up do drain back into the system.


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Not sure I remember, I think it was a piece of float that came out something else and I put a small magnet in it inside an aluminum tube that was threaded and brass fittings on the end.

Later I needed a float for my gas tank and used the float off a water pump, but it sank after a while, so I took some polyurethane foam and painted it with gas proof paint, special order, special shape, and it's still floating, if you're going to do this, tell me what size tube you're using and I'll make one for you, or better yet, tell me what you have in mind and make it like mine, reed switches and on off relay. If I can find the schematic, I'll put in my gallery in case you want to do it yourself. Another idea is just a plastic like a straw with it's ends sealed and a magnet inside.


oh, the float tube was remote from the tank.

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