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Tool kit and tunes


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Hey guys a lot of u on here ride harder and faster than I do and have more miles than I .so I'm curious if u carry a tool kit what's in it I carry one all the time but I'm thinking its over kill.

Tunes u finally bought a fun purchase for the trooper new tunes I got mcm wakeboard speakers there 8" with 1.5 tweeter sealed and water proof 150 watts 260 max then I got a Pyle 4 channel marine mini amp 800 watts peak u hook it up to an iPod phone ect it sounds Awsome speaker package amazon 65$ and amp was 68$! Now to get tie rods little loose lol hope everyone is well

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kinarfi, is this a soar subject I figured all you guys did I carry a tow strap, wrenches 8-19 snatchblock, mini air compressor a jack incase I get a flat wich I did a few mounths ago luckly I had a spare, and a few sockets. You guys all ride out in the desert with no spare?????

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Sorry Charlie, guess I should have put a smiley face on my comment, that was just a partial list of the stuff I carry on my Trooper, ALL THE TIME!! and recommend others do the same, there is also rain ponchos, sweat shirts, gloves and quite a bit more. You never know when you can help others or save your self.

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Before I redid my front ball joints, I once had one fail. Broke completely off when I hit a ditch in the trail hard. I was about 10 miles in so It was a long walk back in the hot summer time. I happened to have a bolt in my bag of fasteners that was the same size an the stem on the ball joint. I removed the old joint and clamped the bolt into the clamp that holds the ball joint with the rest of the bolt loosely sticking up thru the hole in end of the a-frame. It got me back. I try to think of all the things that could go wrong and prepare for a fix for pretty much anything that is realistic. I carry a full set of metric sockets, open end and box wrenches, multi meter, along with many other tools including large stuff for tightening the large nut that holds the wheels on, which I also had to use once. I've since have changed the large nut to something better that can't come loose. I'll carry a full schematic, extra wire, fuses, matches, flash lite, along with water (10 gal.), dried food, little cook stove, sleeping bags, warm cloths, rain gear, first aid, back packs and so on. My wife and I will sometimes get maybe 30 miles into no mans land out in the desert and want to be able to hike out and survive 3 or 4 days to get out. If you ride where others regularly ride, you can get buy with less. Its all about picturing the potential situation and what you might be up against if something fails. In my case, I want to be able to fix a lot of things and If I can't, be able to hike out of trouble. I probably carry 200 pounds plus of repair and survival gear. If I go to the sand dunes or ride with others, I'll strip most all of it out.


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    • By amautv
      1 1/2 years ago I was riding along in my 2018 Coleman 550 Outfitter when the CVT belt broken.  Just prior to that I was having some shifting issues that I now understand can be part of the clutch. Finally a few months ago I sent it in to a shop who put in a new belt as well as a new wet clutch (drum, one way bearing, etc and an oil change) He fired it up and it turned on fine, sounded fine and I took it home. It was an auto shop but not a UTV specific shop. So get it home and after a half hour or so it started making some noises with my 10 year old driving it around. I get home and he said theres noises again and I played around a bit. Within a short bit of trying to drive it around I started having noises that I now understand was my One Way Bearing being destroyed. Aka metal noises from the bearing falling apart.   Of course, after the cost of $800 to take it to a shop plus $200 in gas, trailer rental etc to take it in and back (it was a friends shop that was a bit of ad istance) I was quite ticked and pushed the UTV back into my garage and left it for a while.  Then this past weekend i watched a bunch of Youtube videos along with a mechanic friend to pull things apart.  We found the spindle was loose, opened it up further and found the one way bearing fell apart in my hand and the little bearings were already worn, no longer round and this was from less than a hour of use. THerefore leading me to believe it had very quick failure after the new wet clutch was put in.  We looked things to look for damage further.  Nothing really scratched/grooves etc so I ordered a new OEM bearing and we put it in, sealed it back up, followed the specs of everything and was 110% sure we put the One Way Bearing in correctly.    We rode it around for a hour, sounded fine.   Next day used it, sounded fine for a half hour.   Third day I turned it on and let it idle a little bit and found that I was hearing metal scraping again like I did right after getting my utv back from the shop.  Therefore I am 99% certain the One Way Bearing is about to break again (already breaking)   Its a brand new OEM belt.  Nothing looks off on the spindle.   I do not know for sure if the shop touched the inner race for which, in my understanding, the One Way Bearing spins. I know I may be sounding ignorant here.  I am not a mechanic by any means but I have learned a bit with the recent Youtube videos and attempted repairs.  Whatever that "ufo" looking object is, we replaced the bearings (those black things that spin) I replaced the whole "Ufo" lol... as the original had some wear/tear that prevented it from spinning perfect. Nothing currently
      visibly looks off... and the issue is mostly when the machine is more in an idle.  It was at an idle when the One Way Bearing sorta went kaput the last time.  THe noises is at an idle... but if I can get it drive, its fine.  It also affects the ability to shift the gears. 

      I know I will have to replace the One Way Bearing again... I just dont know what might cause the issue that is destroying the bearinga nd so quickly.   Again, this all started when the belt snapped when I was going about 15 mph down a road on a warm day.  It has higher miles.  The wet clutch was in bad shape and its replaced.   The paperwork says "wet clutch assembly kit")   Is there something that the belt can do to cause damage that might not be as visible but would directly create an issue that lets the bearing get ate right up?? Help me!  I hate this machine and I really want it to run well ... so I can sell it and find something else  haha..
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      Greetings all - I'm on a national hunt for a General XP 4 1000 Trailhead Edition. Just purchased a 2-seater and would like a matching 4-seater. Needs to be an in-stock/available unit as I do not have the time to order and wait. Open to potentially a slightly preowned unit too. 
      Max Muncey
    • By RickinMT
      I bought a new Axis 700 at Lowe's last Sunday, 7/24, and I didn't look through all my paperwork until the next day and there is no warranty info in the packet. I checked the Hisun site to see if you can register yourself and provide proof of purchase, etc., but they only have a form for Pre-Delivery & Customer Orientation Checklist which is to be filled out by the dealer and submitted to Hisun within ten days. I just called Lowe's and they're saying they automatically send it all in. How can I verify my warranty is registered with Hisun? I tried their phone number but of course right now it's after hours. I'll call again tomorrow but 10 days is pretty near.... I don't have any warranty claim yet but I just want to be sure it's registered.
      Does anyone know a better way to check?
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      Hey guys.
      I have a 2009 hisun 700 I bought bout 2 weeks ago and it was running fine but was hard to start but once warm it fire rite up  i took the  air filter off and it was nasty so I gave it a good cleaning and it hasn't started since. Its cranking over really slow I replaced the starter. I also replaced the batery. It acts like its not releasing decompression  I found a service manual on line and downloaded it and it said the intake valves setting .010-.015 mm  and exhaust is .015-.020 and they all was set on .008 intake and exhaust. And the timing is set I set the intake to .012 and exhaust to .016 and it still cracks over really slow I'm lost and don't know wat else it could be. Anyone have any ideas.  And help would be great thanks .
    • eManualOnline
    • By Shawn Smith
      Anyone wondering what the new 2022 Tracker 800 SX LE with trail kit looks like well here you go. I am new to the community and thought I might post a photo of my new UTV. I also added a 42-in Light Bar to the roof, Bluetooth speaker, and Cabela's Rumble Seat in the bed.
      Tracker Trail Kit: $1,800.00
      Part: 2436-971
      Hard-top Plastic Roof
      Rear Poly Window
      Full Poly Windshield
      Rearview Mirror
      Kemimoto UTV Speaker Mount: $10.89
      Nilight 42Inch 240W Curved Led Light Bar: $79.99

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