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Tool kit and tunes


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Hey guys a lot of u on here ride harder and faster than I do and have more miles than I .so I'm curious if u carry a tool kit what's in it I carry one all the time but I'm thinking its over kill.

Tunes u finally bought a fun purchase for the trooper new tunes I got mcm wakeboard speakers there 8" with 1.5 tweeter sealed and water proof 150 watts 260 max then I got a Pyle 4 channel marine mini amp 800 watts peak u hook it up to an iPod phone ect it sounds Awsome speaker package amazon 65$ and amp was 68$! Now to get tie rods little loose lol hope everyone is well

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kinarfi, is this a soar subject I figured all you guys did I carry a tow strap, wrenches 8-19 snatchblock, mini air compressor a jack incase I get a flat wich I did a few mounths ago luckly I had a spare, and a few sockets. You guys all ride out in the desert with no spare?????

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Sorry Charlie, guess I should have put a smiley face on my comment, that was just a partial list of the stuff I carry on my Trooper, ALL THE TIME!! and recommend others do the same, there is also rain ponchos, sweat shirts, gloves and quite a bit more. You never know when you can help others or save your self.

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Before I redid my front ball joints, I once had one fail. Broke completely off when I hit a ditch in the trail hard. I was about 10 miles in so It was a long walk back in the hot summer time. I happened to have a bolt in my bag of fasteners that was the same size an the stem on the ball joint. I removed the old joint and clamped the bolt into the clamp that holds the ball joint with the rest of the bolt loosely sticking up thru the hole in end of the a-frame. It got me back. I try to think of all the things that could go wrong and prepare for a fix for pretty much anything that is realistic. I carry a full set of metric sockets, open end and box wrenches, multi meter, along with many other tools including large stuff for tightening the large nut that holds the wheels on, which I also had to use once. I've since have changed the large nut to something better that can't come loose. I'll carry a full schematic, extra wire, fuses, matches, flash lite, along with water (10 gal.), dried food, little cook stove, sleeping bags, warm cloths, rain gear, first aid, back packs and so on. My wife and I will sometimes get maybe 30 miles into no mans land out in the desert and want to be able to hike out and survive 3 or 4 days to get out. If you ride where others regularly ride, you can get buy with less. Its all about picturing the potential situation and what you might be up against if something fails. In my case, I want to be able to fix a lot of things and If I can't, be able to hike out of trouble. I probably carry 200 pounds plus of repair and survival gear. If I go to the sand dunes or ride with others, I'll strip most all of it out.


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