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Odes Dominator 800cc 4-Door 2013

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Anyone have one of the new 4-Door 2013 models and have some input on how well they perform? I am looking for my first UTV and like the looks of the unit. It seems Odes are getting better and may be good machine for 2013. I will be using the UTV around the farm, joy riding and having fun with the grandchildren. I will not be a racer or hard mud rider. Any input will be appreciated.

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My friend I'd a dealer I have not seen the 4 seater but I have seen two of the 2 seaters and we have been out twice with one first time was kinda safe carefull it's quick lots accessories comfortable and balanced well. The stock factory model I thought was a little sluggish up hill soft Terian since then he's done exhaust tuned it and changed belt and clutches BIG difference

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Thanks for the information, Charley. Do you add the EPI cluth and belt.? I see they offer these as accessories. If ordered with the heavier cluth and belts, do you know if they come installed? I have an Odes dealer near me, but so far he hasn't had one the Dominators for me to look at. Thanks again for the input.

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My friends did not come installed he ordered the parts and now being a dealer he installed them! Wasn't to hard to do I havnt seen the 4 seater but the two seater is impressive I ride a modified trooper the odes is quicker off the line but I get him in the end the only thing he and I both dislike is the roof is cheap thin plastic there's no protection for roof lights and part of the rear skid pan is plastic but other than that very good

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