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Steering wear on my T2


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Hey guys,

After my lower u-joint spline wore out and start spinning (bolt was tight, but the u-joint metal is very soft), and after putting in a split pin on top to keep the upper u-joint from working its way out and causing a catastrophic accident (I drive on the highway with this thing, as well as offroad) I was thinking it's time to replace it with something more robust.

Was wondering what fixes any of you actually did for the steering system - details please.

Lenny, I know you changed it completely to one from a car, and some here have links to rack and pinions they found interesting, but was wondering if more details can be given:

Which car did you get the complete assembly from, which system has actually been tried, mods to steering arms... that sort of thing.

For now, I've put in a grade 8 bolt, tightened it so tight the slot has dissappeared, and put in a locking screw to keep things together till i fix this...

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Hey Kinarfi, thanks. Never thought of welding it.

It's all together now, but even if it was apart, there's not much that could be seen. The spline was worn out enough to cause slippage, but it could still be seen. Also, the locking bolt that fits through the U-joint is supposed to sit in the groove in the shaft, but it doesn't interfere enough to do anything.

Although I now have a locking screw, I will be welding it next chance I get.

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