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Trouble Shooting Trooper T4 no spark when cranking

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I finally had time to dig deeper into the Trooper T4 not having spark when cranking.

I have taken the rear fuse/relay block loose and inspected the connections. All fuses are good.

I don't know if the correct size fuses are in all the slots. Some look like they are bigger than the

manual calls for. All have battery voltage when the key is on except the 4th one down. The manual

shows that it is for EFI.

When should the EFI fuse have battery voltage and where does it get it from? ECM or Ign switch?post-3653-0-13341000-1464230126_thumb.jpg

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Looking at your photo, Pull every one of those fuses and relay and clear every thing, it doesn't take much in the line of corrosion to isolate a contact and it happens with these,

do you have a manual?


this is a link to where i up loaded some info, let me know when you get it downloaded so I can delete it



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