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Joyner Camando 650 Rear Differencial and Axel needed

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I have bought rear differentials and ring and pinions from Casey.The first few were ok but we had hard time setting back lash on the ring and pinions.The last shipment of ring and pinions were of poor quality.The gears were cast not machine like factory.They had pot marks on the gears like the mold or the steel was not at the right temperature.So we stopped buying them.We are looking for a new Vendor so we can get a quality part.We stand behind all our parts.And they were not of good quality.Casey was up front with us but could not resolve this issue.


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You forgot to mention that the defect was happened after you disasambled the differential and made some adjustment (Can we say defect is caused just by ring and pinion set only?) . You also forgot to mention the truth that even in this situation, we managed to arrange special production and send you replacement ring and pinion sets. And you also forgot to mention the fact that you yourself confirmed that those sets we sent you are working with no problem.

I'd like to remind you that if we are not stand behind what we sell, how can you stand behind what you sell? ( Remember you said you are still looking for new vendor). And also, I'd like to remind you that since you are looking for new vendor, then new ring and pinion set from you must not be original parts for Joyner from Original manufacturer. Think about it.

As I told you, I was not mean to compete with you.On contraly, I still welcome working with you if it is possible. Please kindly calm down and I hope you can realize that actions like what you did here is not good for your reputation.

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Casey we will let the UTV Board Members make up there own minds.As soon as they get there parts.We took all the unites apart and did the best we could to set up back lash.We had to re shim all the units to get the best back lash possible But the last two ring and pinion were worst of them all.We will find a new vendor in the next few months.I have been a member for years and have tried to sell the best possible parts i could.I stopped buying the rear differential and ring and pinions from you because of the quality.

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