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Problem with leafasia


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On the recommendation from some of you (I have no problem with that) I ordered a ring and pinion from leafasia they sent it buy DHL. I have never before used DHL and did not know that when the parcel got to the USA that they would turn it over to the US Post Office. In the town were I live they don't have home delivery so you need to have your PO Box number on it or they will send it back. leafasia never said anything about this so I just gave them my home address. The PO sent it back from Quartzsite to phoenix were it was lost by the post office. I don't know if any of you has ever run into a problem like this before, but let me tell you it has turned into a nightmare. I have sent many emails to all concerned. The only ones that are really trying to help are the people at DHL. DHL has sent emails to leafasia to tell them that I never received it but because of a screw up buy DHL's computer it says that I did get it but no matter what they tell leafasia by email they insist that I received it. At first leafasia told me that I would not loose my money or the ring and pinion, but now they have washed their hands of it and will do nothing. They are the ones that sent the it but will not try to get it or any money back from either the PO or DHL. I have been told by both that any claim has to be started by leafasia because they are the ones who sent it in the first place. I guess that I am out of both my money or the ring and pinion. If anyone wants to read the emails that were sent both ways let me know and I will try to post them on here. I will have to get help because I don't know how. I hope that this will put a question into everyone about buying from leafasia in the future be very careful. I lost $350.00

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My self, I would copy and paste all the communications in the order they were created to a document and present that to Leafasia for comment and ask them to fix the problem, then if they won't, turn that into a post under a new name like someone won't honor order or something similar, but give a chance to work with you and DHL and bigdan120 first. let us know what happens !


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Did USPS assign a tracking number to it since they picked it up at DHL? Low Gear pm me I will give you my phone number. I'll try to see if we can get this straightend up.. 

Casey at Leaf Asia is a small supplier. With that said I've done buisness with her and became friends. I will try to help you and Casey as much as I can..



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This is Casey from Leaf Asia. 

First, thanks for Bigdan's kind help and Kinarfi's input. 

With regarding to the topic that James Funtjar issued, I want to say I feel sorry, this shipment goes in a way out of our image.

For this shipment, I myself still feel confused. There are 3 versions of shipping status:

DHL Website shows the parcel has been delivered and signed receipt ( Anyone can check on DHL official website with tracking number: 2833275944);  

According to DHL staff that James Funtjar found: The parcel is on the way returning from UPPS since it can not be delivered to the address James provided to me. It was sent back on Jan-11th and hasn't arrive Phonex USPS up till now. 

James  mentioned in his email: the parcels has been lost by USPS. 

Isn't this confusing? Which of the above is the real fact? 

If according to DHL, when they were waiting for customer (James) to pick up the parcel, the shipment could be finished earlier. 

I am not trying to avoid any responsibility, i care our business reputation more than money. i  want to provide good services to all customers no matter how big their order is.  But i want to do this based on fair and reasonable reason.  I just want to make clear the whole thing. I will take all responsibility that I should take.  

Again, I hope James can be calm down and work with me to verfy the shipment and work out a plan to solve the problem. 

As Kinarfi's suggestion, I collected emails between James and I for this shipment in attached EXCEL file. All emails are screen-copied. Any input or advice will be appreciated.  

i think all of us will learn from this issue. 



Leaf Asia




Problem with Leaf Asia related Emails .xlsx

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I won't get into a he said she said argument. I'll just state that they don't have and didn't show a document with my signature on it. Also they didn't include any of the email's they got from DHL, especially the one stating that it was a computer error that caused them to say that I had received it and also that it was waiting to be picked up at DHL. The last email sent by DHL stated to them that they had to make a claim not me they are the shipper.

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I had Casey ship the another gear set to me. I will ship it to you from PA. I need a good address where this can be received by you. Please email at [email protected]  so I can get this to you.

P.S. DHL in China is no help.... still don't have a clue where anything is...

Anyways sorry for the issues with the shipping. I don't believe that Leaf Asia will be using DHL in the future.

Thanks again!

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