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Joyner trooper rear diff


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Hi Tobie

The trooper differential are expensive Joyner 849.00.With stock up grade we take the differential and we reshime them we put 12.9 bolts with nut on the ring gear.We tig the pins and do a few thing to make it last longer.Our warrant is 1 year.Must use synthetic gear lube.Our price is 775.00 35.00 shipping.We have never had a comeback yet doing this upgrade Lenny did.If you want i have ring gear and pinion gears.Cost is 455.00.These are the best differential built.I looked at the company were building differentials and i found these to be the best made.The machine is to notch.The teeth are nice and smooth like CNC work.Sorry but they raised the prices last year.It takes 10 to 15 days to get to me and i do up grade and ship out unit usually 2 days.And When we take the apart they stop tig the pin.And the shims on the pinion need to move the pinion back as much as possible.

Thank You



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