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Trooper radiator

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i have never had to change a radiator because of running hot.If you want call me so i can help you find out why its running hot.If fan is going on and spinning the right way there are a few  reason why joyners run hot.Just call it is so much easier to help fix a problem buy phone than type and go back and forth.After you fix it you can post the problem and repair.

928 344 2117 928 246 6819 Rich

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I would think that the gauge is not working right.If when running and gauge reads hot check the radiator and see if all four corners of radiator is hot.It should be hot or vary warm on all corners.If they are than you do not have air pocket in coolant system.Its the gauge is not correct.Go buy a 2 1/16 gauge electric temp sensor.On back of head there is a spacer where the thermostat.You can drill and tap the spacer to install the sensor

run new wire to gauge and then you will know the correct temp of the motor.One thing if you are driving at almost red line for a while it will get hot you will have to slow down and watch the gauge go down and know exactly the correct temperature of the motor at all time.The engine is running good right.No miss like head gasket.But first thing is replace gauge.Than at all the time you will know the temperature.If you do not have spacer than we carry them.

Good luck

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But a new gauge will only give accurate temp readings.. it won't make it run cooler..my trooper has a heater on the passenger side in the dash that I don't use..I got a atv radiator and I bought a much bigger cfm fan.. I'm gonna mount it on the front side of the firewall .. in front of the heater and hook up the hoses from the heater to the new atv radiator .. it should bring the temp down from 210 or 220 to 165 or 185 all the time

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I'm not changing the radiator.. i adding a small one and hooked it up through the heater hoses.. no extra plumbing or or anything..Just made mounts took the heater hoses off the heater and put them on the little radiator..it was really easy... only took  about 15 or 20 mins...very simple and cheap fix..

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