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Any kind of liquid, or anything that changes how those bolts slide against those threads will change how it torques. I've broken off bolts using a torque wrench while still within specs, when I lightly lubed lug nuts n stuff. Even anti sieze has caused problems for me in the past.


  My recommendation is make sure their completely dry, holes also, and just torque them down. You can't use less torque just because they're old bolts. And you sure don't want to take chances, with aluminum threads. So imho, that's the best way to be safe.


  Also, these bolts typically have a pattern that must be followed when torqued.

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'Bout to head out the Machine shop, Hopefully they can take the guides out. If they dont work, i've been talking with Power Toys of Texas, here in Cut n Shoot.

Pray for me!

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He shouldn't have any trouble,he's got all the tools, and experience. I wouldn't go up there till I could take new guides, let him install at the same time.

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I did! He said its a defect in the cast, and he ran it through a  vacuum machine thingy.

57 minutes ago, kenfain said:

Have him look at that crack

Ewww, Gross. 😁

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Once i get the new guides in Im going to back it back to take out the guides, and install them, He'll also re assemble the head too.

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