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Initial Start Up Procedure


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Im about 3-4 more weeks on my engine. (Im counting one week to re install into frame since thats how long it took me to take it out) What should i do when i first start it up? I know not go over 3/4 throttle.

Any other tips or tricks?

Kawasaki single cylinder 286 cc. The usable compression range is like 114 psi to 168 psi, i believe. What should i shoot for?





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Other than just to take it easy, there's not much you can do. Everything is dependent on how well it was assembled. Don't get it too hot, don't over rev, don't run it too long. Just short easy trips, till you're sure everything is fixed, and running normal. Check for leaks, if everything looks good, then I wouldn't get above half throttle for awhile. Of course that's a lot of weight for a small motor to carry. So maybe three fourths throttle, but no more for at least fifty miles. Although full throttle won't usually hurt one of these, since it's probably got a rev limiter, it's never going to be good for it. No heavy loads in the bed, or pulling a trailer, for the first few trips. I'm assuming it has a speed limiter, and/or a governor on it. If that's the case, you should be good on the break in after a couple dozen trips around the farm. Except for high rpm revs, which are never good. The rest such as driving on the street, should be okay. I think street driving at slow, to medium speeds would actually speed up the break in.

   The compression isn't adjustable, so just be happy if it's in acceptable range. With new rings and such, I'd expect it to be up there, but certainly not at, maximum.

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