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Transmission disassembly how to, any one? Sandviper 1100cc


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Knock pins are just hollow pins, usually on each side or across from each other. Sometimes you can us a rubber a mallet to tap the 2nd half off, Do NOT use a regular hammer, in case it s aluminum. 

I do not own a Joyner, so I wouldn't trust my into 100%😉

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That's a negative travis, I've been working and its too hot in southern California right now to be in the garage. I am going to give it a try this weekend. the goal is to have the buggie ready by October. I've called Joyner 3 times with no luck, they keep saying that the technician is busy and he will call me back but nothing. I just need some basic guidance, I don't want to damage something in the trans trying to take it apart. I'll post some pictures this weekend.

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search using the word transmission, I think I left some info and instructions in here some where, see if you can find it before I have to open up my stored files,

ignore travis, he sticks his nose in where it don't belong and as he said he doesn't own a Joyner and knows nothing about them, but that doesn't stop him from wasting our time reading his dribble. 

Travis, shut the **** up!!!!

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Well, he messaged me back and said he got it pulled apart... PLUS, I was just SUGGESTING WHAT MIGHT be the cause of it sticking. I told him i did not know.  Try thinking before you type? And some show of a "good moderator" by cursing a member out! at least get the guts to do it in Private messages! 

but that doesn't stop him from wasting our time reading his dribble. 

Its your choice whether you read it or not.




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Well, I appreciate all the help I can get. After doing the work I realized that the transmission was not difficult to pull apart or fix, very basic stuff. I just didn't want to brake anything in the process. We put it back together yesterday and in the buggy.  This morning after finding an exploded view of the transmission I realized that we put a stop block in the wrong hole, so the trans has to come back out and apart again, which is not a big deal a couple of hours of work will fix that. I'll post pictures of the trans soon. Thank you guys.

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