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Hisun Vector 500 plow bolt

Aaron James Litz

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Hey Aaron, welcome to the forum. I can't tell you exactly what bolt you need for a specific application. But what I'd do, is this. Try to find out what approximate size it is. I'd guess around a half inch or so. The more important measurement here would be length. A couple of 3/16 pieces of steel, bolted together would need about a 3/4 inch length bolt, minimum. That's to leave threads for a flat washer & nut. You'll want to get a grade 5 bolt. Those shiny zinc hardware store bolts won't do for a heavy duty application, like a plow. But grade 8 is better. Price difference is negligible.

As far as the actual size... I typically use a drill bit to insert in the hole(the sizes are marked on them) if I need to be certain. Otherwise, I just buy several, at 18 cents apiece. That's why length, and grade is important. So you're not buying the whole hardware store. Buy a bolt of a couple sizes starting at a 1/2 inch×3/4 long, along with a couple flat washers each. The nuts would be locknuts. Be prepared to return to the store if it isn't a snug fit. 

I've found that it's always a good practice to keep a mindset, that I'll be returning to the hardware store before I finish the job...it saves my sanity sometimes.

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I agree with Kenfain, but knowing the HiSUN uses metric bolts and fasteners, I would think 10mm is the closest thing to the 1/2" bolt. the 10mm is smaller than the 1/2", but larger than the 3/8". Most of the bolts on the HiSUN are either 10mm or 12mm when it comes to the big boys. they do have some smaller 8mm bolt openings but this would be too small to handle the snow plow mount area.

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