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Hi My name is Troy I have been married for 33 years to my childhood sweethart. We have 4 kids all grown, 3 grandkids and 1 on the way. we are very proud of them, they have all turned out great. We all love camping and the things that go with it. This is a very good time of our familys life right now as my oldest daughter has been fighting cancer for over a year and we just found out she is in total remission. I go by the name of flatbed from my dad giving me a 56 ford pick-up that is a flatbed when i was a kid. I still drive it to work although not as much as i used to. I have raced a class 8 truck in baja and finished 3rd over all in the 1000 about 10 years ago. I no longer race but i would if i had the chance to do it again. When we are camping with other people i like to mingle and help if they are having problems with there rides. We live in Jamul Ca, both me and my wife grew up here. we love it and it is in the country. :rolleyes:

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Glad your here flatbed. Great news about your daughter, that's something to celebrate. When s*** happens to us, you take it on-board, but when it's your kids, that really hurts. I didn't know you had raced in the baja, man that would be awesome to do that but I bet your back would give you grief after 1000 miles of pounding. By the way, my name is made up from 1 part, one of my favourite songs "Highway Star" by Deep Purple and 1 part, the fact that I greet most people by the typical Kiwi way by raising both eyebrows and saying "Bro". My mates started calling me "bro __ star".


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