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Tony C

Massimo 500 Throttle Pedal Extension needed

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    • By Robynne Catheron
      New-to-me 2012 CC Volunteer throttle cable broke during the wicked cold snap we had a few weeks ago (upstate NY). It was already a bit sticky, but at least it was usable. 
      Is it possible to replace it myself, or must I pay to have it hauled 50 miles to the nearest shop?  I can access both ends, but the majority of it is pretty buried from the top and underneath. 
      Any advice would be appreciated. 
    • By Lance Respess
      Hi I'm new here, got a hysun 750 my Pop bought about 8 months ago. The throttle got to where when you would stop it would be idled up a bit still pulling and you could pat the accelerator and it would idle back down to normal, did that the other day and the thing went wide open and is still stuck wide open. Have exhausted all my mechanical know how. Any ideas? Thanks
    • By silverbullet
      We are having new throttle and clutch cables made in China. They will be thicker wire and case with better rubber boots. Since braking with Joyner
      We have a chance to make better quality to last longer. Plus a beater price as well. Outer C/V joints  complete with boot grease and clamps will be in about 30 days for 800 Viper 1100 Viper 650 coming soon.
      Thanks Rich
      Thank You
    • By silverbullet
      I have in the past sold stainless steel throttler cables.The price is 49.00 ea.They are custom made in the US.They are exactly like the stock ones Except they are built to a much higher quality and stainless steel doesn't rust.Let me know if  you guys wan't me to bring them back.I will still sell the stock ones for 29.99 ea.Like every thing the steel cable rust to the steel housing.And brake.
    • By Tinman
      Any of you heard of this?
      I've had rough throttle issues for a while, so I worked it out to a plugged carbon canister. Stomping on the gas, especially after filling up usually resulted in a coughing and spitting engine. Unhooked to vent hose from the canister coming up from the gas tank and problem is solved.
      After two days of no problems, I have this and it has me stumped big time.
      Driving home at 100 kms/hour, I filled up. It starts raining. When I hit 3500 rpm in 5th gear, the engine misfires repeatedly. If I let go of the throttle to below 3500, its fine. Does this consistently. It acts as if there's a rev limiter.
      So I played around. dropped it into fourth, and I could do 4500 rpm, but then misfires. It seemed that if I hit 60 kms/h, it misfires.
      I should ad that before this issue started I heard a loud click.
      Any idea?
      I can't even begin to wrap my head around this one...

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