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How much is everyone paying for their Trooper insurance? We're shopping right now because the company that we had for the quads and the trooper basicly handled my accident very poorly with the exception of the lady who handled my grandsons claims, she was remarkable. The lady that was in charge of my side won't even return calls to me or the hospital. So we are changing. I'm sure every state is different in cost I'm just looking for a rough estimate.



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State Farm Insurance, Utah

Policy Description: 2008 JOYNER 1100CC ATV Policy Type: All Terrain Vehicle Premium: $359.90

Is that full coverage? WOW! My quote was $986 a year because its a new vehicle and there aren't that many out there. I will say that Nevada does have some of the highest insurance rates in the country.


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State Farm Insurance, Utah

Policy Description: 2008 JOYNER 1100CC ATV Policy Type: All Terrain Vehicle Premium: $359.90

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Coverage

Bodily Injury Limits Each Person $100,000, Each Accident $300,000

Property Damage Limit Each Accident $50,000

Premium $39.6

Medical Payments

Limit - Each Person $5,000

Premium $32.00

Physical Damage

$250 Deductible

Premium $277.00

Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Bodily Injury Limits Each Person $25,000, Each Accident $50,000

Premium $6.20

Underinsured Motor Vehicle

Bodily Injury Limits Each Person $10,000, Each Accident $20,000

Premium $5.10

$359.90 The total

premiums include your discounts. House, Cars, etc. And I haven't had any tickets :rolleyes:

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I am away from home but will return next week. I am paying around $250. I have max full coverage. I posted info about my coverage on ridingarizona about two months ago. A search would give a more accurate cost.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexic

Fisher gave us a great rate on the quads which we are taking but we're going to try and get a better rate on the T4 if possible. Allstate was actually $450 a year but they were so bad to work with and wouldn't bother returning calls that we're looking hard. Nevada is an awful place for insurance rates.


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      Here are some pictures of before and after.

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