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Yamaha Rhino media article DANGEROUS

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The Yamaha Rhinos ARE dangerous machines.


Yesterdays article in the Wall Street Journal:


http://www.reuters.com/article/marketsNews...G22415920081104 (3rd or 4th paragraph down)

Please note: NOTHING on ANY of the above links are lawyers ads!!!

Just who are we Johnsand? What UTV do we drive Johnsand?

I will say I am sorry for any loss of life, accidents do / will happen.

It is a full time job watching and teaching our kids / grand children to wear safety equipment and respect what they drive.

This must have been the case with you to post such a message.

I can feel your pain.

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Thanks johnsand for the link. Towards the end of the article the Wall Street Journal mentioned that Yamaha had led its competitors into forming a new trade association that sets voluntary safety standards for UTVs. Hopefully this will lead to mandatory standards as a whole because when UTVs are viewed by the general public as one, they see them as only as safe or as unsafe all together, just like ATVs are generally accepted as a dangerous vehicle that kills alot of riders in roll overs. The UTV industry must tidy up it's safety issues now in my view and hopefully ROV is the body that can do this and in turn promote safety, work and recreational fun as one. So good on you Yamaha for getting the ball rolling.

Cheers Mike.

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And now this http://cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml09/09172.html

Makes you wonder though, Side X Side Mag gave the Yamaha Rhino the "2008 UTV of the year" billing and a perfect 5 out of five for safety. No other UTV achieved that high standard when clearly other UTVs in that line-up where better designed to reduce roll-overs and 5-point safety harness to boot. Yes, the driver of any fatal crash that has made a mistake has to take some blame but if the Rhino was not so narrow and top heavy you would have more forgiveness for getting it wrong. One thing is for sure, Side X Side got it's safety rating grossly wrong for the Rhino and after 46 deaths it will be very interesting to see what they say about it in the 2009 SXS Shootout due out shortly.

Johnsand has gone on many utv forum sites letting people know what happened to his daughter only to face a load of negative replies including this site. What I'll say to that is "what if it was your son or daughter"? Through his actions safety standards are going to improve with the Rhino and hopefully that will save someones life.

Good on you Johnsand and sorry you have to put up with so much crap on those other forums.

Cheers Mike.

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