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Media Update on Rhino Dangers

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Most people who have utvs are aware they are dangerous most people who have motor cycles know they are dangerous most people who have guns know they are dangerous. I am very sad to hear about the young girls who died in the utv accident. But its time people take responsibility for there actions and stop blaming other people for there own bad judgment. I drive a truck that is 15" taller then a stock truck and have never rolled it I know it is top heavy and drive it accordingly. If you have a vehicle that is top heavy you cant drive it like a sports car. Should they ban electricity because some one stuck a screwdriver in a outlet?

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When i was a kid i rode my sisters horse to a freinds house. On the way back it knew it was going home so he took his own route through a grove off trees, knock me of the horse, banged my shoulder up pretty bad. Do you guys know some Jack-ass that i can call, I should have been able to file a lawsuit against God. No labels, no roll cage, no side doors, no book to read, nothing telling how to make it go, stop, or turn which i know one of those would have helped me stay on the horse.

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      I'm working on a 2005 Cub Cadet side by side and I'm trying to remove the front two axles.  I have a slide hammer puller on the inner joint and with all my strength they will not budge.   Anyone have the same issues and is there something I'm missing or a trick of some sort to pull these out?   Any suggestions please and thank you.
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